Why is the row method capturing everything not just first tiebreaker?

I have a question about the best way to target a field in a document we’re trying to process. I’m trying to grab the ‘Accumulated Value’ shown below using the row method and the first tiebreaker.

This method is also capturing the ‘Past year’s accumulated value increase’. Do you have any recommendations on how to get only the accumulated value and not the Past year’s accumulated value increase’?

Specifically, in the extraction json lines contains ‘Past Years Accumulated Value’. Is there another we can capture the accumulated value without also getting the Past Years Accumulated Value? We use the information in the extraction json to highlight where values came from and it’s a little confusing having that field in there.

(cross posted from Slack by admin)

By using the method “row”, we extract all the lines on that row. So, with verbosity turned on, we output the information for every line correspondingly in lines. Setting tiebreaker to first is what lets us extract the correct value. So you can be sure that the first object in the lines array is the information for the extracted value.

If picking the first value out of the lines array isn’t viable for you and you need only that line information to be returned, you would have to change the method used. You can do so by either using region or label. For label, you can match on “Past Year’s Accumulated Value Increase” and use "position": "left" .