Why can't Sensible find the text in the dotted yellow box?

Can you help me figure out why loan interest rate isn’t being found? It’s in a dotted yellow box. I’m trying to use a Row method to capture it:

(cross posted from Slack by admin)

The reason why loan interest rate wasn’t being captured by the Row method is because the value is in the same line as the anchor. When we say “line”, think of it as text in each bounding gray box. So you can see in my screenshot below that ‘Loan Interest Rate:’ and the percentage value are both bounded in the same gray box:

For these cases, you have a couple different options:

  • The line is too long and should ideally be split in two, which would enable you to use the Row method. To split it, use the Split Lines preprocessor.

  • If you don’t want to split the line, you’d need to use the Label method and specify to capture the remainder of the line to the right of the anchor, like this:

    	"id": "loan_interest_rate",
    	"anchor": {
    		"match": {
    			"type": "startsWith",
    			"text": "Loan Interest Rate",
    			"isCaseSensitive": true
    		"method": {
    			"id": "label",
    			"position": "right"