Trying out first call to API, getting error?

Trying to test out the api and getting an error. Wondering if you might be able to shed some light?


  1. Uploaded a pdf and made a config:

  1. Copied the code from the guide and updated with my config, file and auth code. Below is the code I loaded into Postman:
curl --request POST \

--url '' \

--header 'Authorization: Bearer REDACTED' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/pdf' \

--data-binary '@/PATH_TO_DOWNLOADED_PDF/acord_app_6.pdf'

But I’m getting this response from postman:

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thanks for reaching out!

The files that you upload into the Sensible web app is used for making sure the configuration is working properly. But when you’re making a call to the API, you need to send along the PDF file with your request.

If you notice in that curl command, the --data-binary ‘@/PATH_TO_DOWNLOADED_PDF/acord_app_6.pdf’ still has a dummy path.

You can attach a pdf using these instructions in postman:

The other thing that you need to change is the endpoint you’re calling. You used the name of the config, but you need the name of the doc type. It looks like you created your acord config in the prepopulated example doc type senseml_basics, so instead of extract/acord_130_2013_09, your URL needs to include /extract/senseml_basics. Sensible will then pick your acord config in that doc type for you automatically when it makes the API call.