Is there a way in the fingerprint to say this text is “required”?

In other words, if Sensible can’t find that required fingerprint text in a doc, then it should never run that config against the document.

The short answer is that while Sensible doesn’t have a way to mark a fingerprint as “required”, there is a strict mode in fingerprinting.**

Digging deeper, if the challenge you’re encountering is that you’re trying to distinguish similar docs from each other that Sensible is misclassifying, then strict/standard fingerprint mode probably won’t help. Probably in that case you need to add more fingerprint tests or pick different tests to apply.

** More on strict mode: In strict mode, Sensible returns an error if none of the configs “pass” based on fingerprinting. “Passing” is a matter of matching 50% or more of the fingerprints tests, though – there’s no option to pass/fail based on a single required test. To configure strictness, hover over the document type name on the sidebar, and you’ll see a gear. Clicking that gear opens up options on the document type level.