Is there a way for a query to have a OR statement for the method to choose between ROW and LABEL?

One issue that we are running into is between ROW and LABEL where the OCR sometimes has the anchor text and the data in one box (LABEL) and sometimes in two separate boxes (ROW).

(question cross-posted from Slack by admin)

Just to be clear about your situation, it sounds like the problem is that there’s a variable amount of whitespace between the target and data depending on the OCR. So sometimes the direct text extraction is:

anchor text A   target text B
(in this situation, the Label method works because the anchor and target are close together)

and sometimes it’s:

anchor text A                      target text B
( in this situation, the Row method works because the anchor and target are farther apart)

To solve this, you can use a fallback field by specifying the same field ID twice. In other words, define a “field_id_123” with a Label method to grab target text B, then define another “field_id_123” to grab the same data with the Row method. If the first “field_id_123” returns null, Sensible returns the output of the second “field_id_123”.

To answer your question specifically, there’s no “or” for choosing between methods in a single field; instead, the fallback solution outlined above is the way to go.