I had a question about using table vs fixed table - is the latter more performant and preferred?

for some context, these are the tables we’re targeting in a document that can 3 different formats for 1 table:

  • one with 8 columns
  • one with 9 columns
  • one with 8 columns and a different column heading order

with all the variations the column headings should be the same.

So I’ll answer in two parts:

  1. which table method is most performant?
  2. which table method to use in your specific circumstance?

  1. The fastest table method is Text Table, because it doesn’t use OCR. Fixed Table and Table are the same in terms of performance, because they both use OCR. When choosing between the OCR table methods, in most situations I prefer Fixed Table over Table.

  2. In your situation, if you want to handle all three table variations with one field, I suggest using the Table method. Or, if you want faster performance, you could evaluate if the tables are good candidates for Text Table and if there’s a way you can distinguish between them with different fields. If so, you can use fallback fields to capture the variants (To specify fallbacks, use the same ID in multiple fields. Succeeding fields act as fallbacks if the first returns null.

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