How should we handle two slightly different doc formats?

I’m working on adding a new document type to our sensible configuration. The document provides the same data as an existing configuration but in a slightly different format.

An ideal implementation is that our side never even needs to know which document was uploaded, they will be handled the same way regardless of the format.

Do you have any advice on the best way to do this?
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So if the document formats are very similar, let’s call them document 1a and document 1b, you don’t need to create a new ‘document type’. You’ll instead have a couple of options for how you change the “configs” in your doc type. As long as you use just 1 doc type, you won’t need to to know which document format, 1a or 1b, was uploaded on your side. Your options are:

To wrap up, if document formats 1a and 1b are very similar, then probably the ‘fallback field’ approach is the simpler option for you.