Can I combine 2 separate parsed docs into 1 output?

So we have an edge case where we’re parsing rate confirmations. One carrier sends two separate rate cons., one with price but no addressees, one with addresses but no price. Can we combine the two rate cons into 1 output? otherwise we’ll ask our dispatch to manually add the addresses into the rate con with the prices. **does sensible have an easy way to handle this?

(cross posted from Slack by admin)

While we don’t currently support merging the outputs of two separate documents, there are a couple of approaches you can take here.

  1. You can combine the PDFs on your end and then make 1 API call with both files together. In that case, if the documents are identical except for which fields are empty, you probably DON’T want to use our “PDF portfolio” features. Instead you’ll just write your SenseML configs to find the non-null values for the duplicated information in the 2 rate confirmations. For example, if the PDF missing the address is always the 2nd document in the file, then you’d write a query for the address that matches the last occurrence of the address (so you skip the empty address in the first rate confirmation in the combined file).
  2. This is probably obvious to you, but if you’re building a dB with the extractions on your end, you could use some unique ID, like the load ID in the rate confirmation, and build some logic around updating records with non-null values from each incoming extraction with the load ID as the key.