Async upload call + webhook?

We are implementing async calls to Sensible in our backend. I was using the upload_url generated as in here to pass it as the document_url in here

I was wondering, is it possible to use a sensible url as in asynchronous extraction from a Sensible URL?

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you can include webhook metadata on the generate upload URL request, and then when you upload your PDF to that URL we’ll automatically call the webhook when we’ve processed the document.

In detail, the generate_upload_url flow also performs the extraction as soon as it detects an uploaded file, with no further action required. So the sequence looks like:

  1. Call generate_upload_url with webhook metadata (if you look at the API reference you’ll see that webhook is an optional parameter on the generate_upload_url endpoint)
  2. Upload PDF to the returned URL
  3. We automatically start the extraction and will call the webhook specified in 1 when it is complete